Differentiating Yourself with Lenses and Film

Just a thought for the day. If you can buy your way to a better look, it’s not really going to do much to differentiate you. I love low aperture lenses (who doesn’t?), and I think film looks beautiful. I know it’s been all the rage lately, and I even encourage everyone to spend some time with it, but lenses and film are still just tools. If your look relies more on the properties of the equipment, think about what you can do to expand your range. Magnum photographer Alex Majoli created world class war photography that uniquely expressed his vision with a point and shoot and minimal processing. Develop a way of seeing the world that others don’t. Then … Read more...

Where the Hot Girls Are

I remember my first year in college I was at a dance for an association I belonged to. It was mostly guys. I’m hanging out with two others friends of mine, Steve and Mike. Mike says to me “Hey, where are the girls? I heard your club had all the girls!”

“Us?” I replied. “I heard Steve’s group had all the girls!”

“Not us,” said Steve. “I heard Spencer’s club had all the girls!”

So it is in business. You’ll hear about this, you’ll hear about that. Everyone has their ideas, everyone is doing their thing, and some are working, some aren’t. But here are a few truths about the wedding world. To the outside world, every photographer has some … Read more...

What I Learned From Our Broken Heating Unit

Sometimes, you forget what excellence is all about. You get so wrapped up in your day to day affairs, that keeping your head above water is about all you can think of. I’m having some problems with our heating system at the moment, so I recently had a repairman come out to give an estimate. I was blown away. He was thorough, meticulous, and professional. He not only spent several hours digging around to figure out what was going on, but he took the time to carefully explain what was going on. I was shocked by how much he really cared about getting the unit fixed properly.

Then he said something that made me want to cry. He told me … Read more...