From Psychology for Photographers
Irresistible Words by Psychology for Photographers

Jenika McDavitt has done it again with her ebook Irresistible Words. If you’ve ever struggled with creating content that draws people in and builds an audience, this is for you. Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • How to create compelling blog posts quickly
  • What you need to know to create unforgettable sentences
  • Effective ways to write to sell
  • The necessary techniques to engage your readers
  • How to write content that builds business and builds an audience

Be sure to check it out. Please note that I’m an affiliate for this product. And while I would never back a product I didn’t believe in, in full disclosure, I do receive a percentage of the sale.

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From Psychology for Photographers
How to Build an Absolutely Irresistible Photography Website

Be sure to check out Jenika McDavitt’s ebook on website strategy. Not only does it provide for some great insights, but it comes with a bonus interview from yours truly! I was impressed with the quality and the soundness of her approach. By the time you’re done with this e-book, you will have:

  • Created a full profile of your dream client, with help every step of the way
  • Completed a full blueprint of how your services meet your client’s deepest problems + needs
  • Walked through step-by-step how to take that profile and create a website that speaks directly to those deep problems and needs
  • Created a psychology-driven master plan for each page of your site

For full disclosure, please note that I’m an affiliate for this product, and while I fully endorse it, I do also receive a percentage of the sale.

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From Ground Glass
Rebuild: Creating a platform for continuous business

You’ve seen the cycle too many times. You pump yourself up. You pull it together. You put it all out there. Then nothing. The trickle continues, you deflate, and you’re back to square one.

This is a two day intensive to build a bullet-proof brand and a flawless sales process in a whole new way. It will allow you to generate a continuous momentum that will earn more money, build stronger relationships, and close more sales. We’ll focus on designing a durable platform that not only grows your business, but builds the motivation necessary to let you grow personally, as well, so you’ll never have to worry about burn out again.

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