So you want to win PDN Top Knots?

Or course, I couldn’t really say how to do that, but that would make for a pretty short article. However, I did tally the results of 137 images from the previous two years, as well as reviewing the images submitted over the past couple of days, and there do seem to be some distinct discrepancies between what people submit and what actually wins. Can you gain an advantage by looking for certain things? I think so. There’s nothing terribly scientific about this, so do what you will with this information and draw your own conclusions. If you have something you love, enter it. Better to try than not. But if you’re trying to figure out the best way to invest … Read more...

The Kill List: Going too far?

So, I wasn’t quite sure about it after I published the last Kill List. But I figured it was up, so I should leave it up. Alp replied to me last night, and I think he had some valid points. What do you think. Did I go too far? If so, I apologize for that, sincerely. Here’s what Alp wrote. My (extremely long) reply follows. Thanks again to Alp for raising the issues. Also, I made a few minor updates from the post earlier this morning, now that I’m more awake.

From Alp:

Thanks spencer, but your article is conceited. You know that, though, right?

You know that your clients actually want the cliche. That they might often want to


Happy Holidays, and a very, merry Christmas!

I was once told a present is something someone else wants to have, and a gift is something you want them to have. If you give someone a present, there probably isn’t much you need to do. Stick it in a bag, take out the receipt, hand it over. You’re all set. But a gift is something both more beautiful and delicate. A gift is all about care. Wrap it perfectly, tie it neatly, and tell a story about what it means, and it’s everything. Pull it out of your pocket along with a fluff of pocket lint, and just say “here,” and it’s doomed to fail.

Gifts represent our desire to share who we are and show what the … Read more...