A Shot in the Head and Two in the Heart

True story:

The other day I was walking around the frame section over at Michael’s, the arts and crafts store, when I saw a woman holding up one of those big paper targets people use for practice at the shooting range.

She was trying to see if it fit in a 24×36 frame.


It had a hand-drawn picture of a guy holding a gun, and there were exactly three frayed holes where the bullets had struck: One was in the right eye. The other two were right through the heart…

Gotta wonder about the rest of her decor.

But it made me think about the fact you don’t have to go very far to see a lot of strange stuff Read more...

How Voice Dies

The big problem with photography has nothing to do with photography.

It has to do with validation.


Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But there is.

Because it’s making our lives shit…


The other night, I was “chatting” with a friend in FB through comments. She posted a comment. I posted back. Pretty soon, we were having a full on conversation.

And whenever she liked my comments, that stupid red balloon would pop up, giving me a notification. And even though I knew that it was just notifying me about the conversation I was having at that very moment, I still kept clicking on it.

Facebook has turned me into a sheep.

I am now the dog in …

The End of Photography

My prints were strewn across the table. One of them teetered on the edge, almost ready to fall. The hushed silence was more than I could bear.

I squinted and turned away.

I must have been a ghostly white, standing there, wringing my hands, waiting. Say something,” I thought…anything…

It was 2008. For most people, it was beautiful spring day in Toronto. For me, it was terror unspooling. It was my first day in a workshop with Magnum photographer Christopher Anderson. And I was up for review.

He reached for a print and ran his fingers over the surface…


“There’s something there. There’s something in this scene. You see something. But it’s not there. You haven’t found it yet.”

For …