Having fun matters

Enjoying what you do isn’t just a byproduct of success. It’s part and parcel to it. You’ve gotta ask yourself, “Am I having fun?” And if the answer is a mousy “yes,” a tentative “sometimes,” or a pensive “on occasion,” then take heed. Because if you’re not having enough of it, there’s a good chance you’re not getting where you want to go.

Fun is your body speaking to you. It is your gut telling you to keep at it. To stay the course, or, more aptly, that this is a course you can stay. It is directly connected to sustained energy, passion, commitment, and drive. Misery is the exact opposite. Your body telling you to put on the breaks. Revolting against the life you’re leading.

And, yet, so often, we spend our lives committed to doing what keeps us miserable. Why would we want to ignore the message every fiber in our body is sending us? Because we were told that fun is frivolous. That adults pursue serious matters, and serious is boring. That life can’t all be fun. We hold on to preconceptions about how we should live formed by a younger, less developed version of ourselves, in the face of an inner compass telling us exactly where to go. Fun is there for a reason, and even if life isn’t a thrill a second, it doesn’t mean you can’t go to bed happy, energized, and satisfied. Find fun, and let success follow.

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