Haven’t had as much time to post as I’d like with the season kicking in, but there are some great things coming down the pipe, so stay tuned! What do I have in store? Here are some sneak peeks for what you can expect to see. But first, don’t forget to check out my latest article on The Photo Life: The Truth about the Rockstar Economy. It’s a good one!


Coming Soon
The new Ground Glass site: Improved look. Improved interface. A better way to stay tuned

The critiques: I’ve been working on write-ups, and I’m moving along. Thanks for everyone who responded.

The Ground Glass journal: A print piece dedicated to featuring the work of talented photographers around the world.

Websites, websites, websites: After launching my own new site, I’ve discovered some great insights I’m looking forward to sharing. The results have been way beyond what I expected, and they’re principles anyone can apply.

Also, here’s a fun piece I just shot from a recent wedding. I was tickled to get to shoot it in my own neighborhood and have people I know wave at me as I walked around.