Anxiety much?

I’m feeling a little crispy and fried from the constant barrage of news and uncertainty and guessing that’s been my feed for the past six months. Too much unproductive anxiety, too little actual life.

I’m guessing some of you might be, too.

I was originally going to talk about my product launch today, but instead, I’m going to share the most important bit of sales advice I know.


I’ve been reading a lot about universes lately.

The blue universe. The red universe. One side. The other. And how the two don’t meet. And maybe they don’t. Maybe they do. More likely, sometimes they don’t and sometimes they do. But as business owners and humans, really, the notion of two universes … Read more...

For Fear’s Sake

A common question that comes up:

How do I find my voice?

But it’s really the wrong question.

Voice may not come fast, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, you just have to embrace one essential truth, and the rest takes care of itself. Not to mention it makes for some damn fine business, too.


Picture this:

You wake up. You’re hungry. It’s 10,902 B.C.

The first trace of light cuts deep into your cave, as the night chill fades. Your stomach growls, and you spot a big, juicy apple dangling from a tree in the distance. “Mmmm….apple, good,” you think to yourself.

You peer out to see if any big, nasty predators are lurking. You’re in … Read more...

That time a client shot me down

You find your passion. You create a job. You feel the liberation.

But without knowing it, you’ve just entered the fifth circle of hell, though I’m just going to call that circle…



Expectation from your clients, expectation from yourself. Maybe from family or friends or everything else. And, of course, from the market.

And the market makes it all the worse, because its real leverage isn’t that you care what it thinks. It’s that your damn living is on the line.

It’s enough to drive you to drink.

Though, who am I kidding, even when we don’t care what it thinks, don’t we all care anyway? Once in awhile I’ll get that email from someone letting me know they … Read more...