She wasn’t happy with her pictures

“I’m a little disappointed,” she said.


I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The pictures were rock solid.

My friends concurred. My associates agreed. It was every bit a match for what I had shown when I met with the client.

But she wasn’t happy.


I was dazed. I was confused. For fuck’s sake, it was a hard, long day, and I pulled a rabbit out of a hat to make it all happen. I was a little bit angry, and a lot surprised, all leaving my head pulsing with a big, pounding “WTF?”

Then she explained.

“Well…it’s not that there was anything wrong. They’re beautiful. But it feels like you held back. You were shooting the way you … Read more...

Why I don’t do the grope for attention thing

So you want to be “the one” in your market?

Be the top of the top?

The IT person?

Then you’ve gotta pick your corner of the universe and go hard, hard at it.

The market is full of people fighting for a little love. Clamoring for attention, hands raised, screaming “Pick me! Pick me!”

And with all those pictures and all those words floating through Facebook Feed Land similarity is almost a disease.

How’s a photographer supposed to stand out?

Now, before I go on, I want to address one nasty, pernicious little rumor that flies around in the photography industry that the pictures don’t matter. That it’s all about the business.

This is a load of garbage. I …

My uncensored opinion about “success”

She sat alone in the locker room after the fight, thoughts of suicide on her mind and one question in her head:

“What am I anymore, if I’m not this?”

Imagine what it would mean to be the absolute best at what you did. The best photographer. The best business. Whatever it is that fills your dreams.

Would you be happy?


Would you be satisfied?

Would you find the peace you’ve been looking for?

Or is it all just a lie we tell ourselves?

UFC champion Ronda Rousey was the most successful fighter in UFC history. She accomplished something at a level few ever will in their respective fields. But her loss to Holly Holm—her only professional loss ever—was enough … Read more...